Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, HKCY has announced that they will continue to build flagship properties in Limassol, Cyprus, following an easing of lockdown conditions. As of May 4th, 2020, partial easing of such conditions will roll out. HKCY, therefore, will persist in building its long-awaited Dream Tower and City Terrace projects.

Dream Tower is a landmark project for HKCY, having won numerous awards over the past two years. Pressing on with residential high-rise luxury, the brand is keen to continue setting up Limassol construction. This, during a period of high uncertainty, is taking place with a view for people to comfortably and safely move in after lockdown eases completely.

We don’t expect the lockdown break to affect our projected deadlines,” Balu Chainrai, one of the owners at HKCY confirms. “Providing citizens continue to stay safe and follow government guidelines; we can expect to set up wonderful new apartments, avoiding a second lockdown.” The firm has strong roots in the local real estate industry.

Dream Tower is the key example in HKCY’s portfolio of projects. While the current lockdown has stunted progress in further development, the team is keen to persist with getting more sea view properties up and running. Cyprus’ decision to ease lockdown will allow certain businesses to start operating again. However, specific curfews will stay in place, particularly at night.


It is assumed that Cyprus will enable full movement again as of May 21st, barring a second lockdown. “It has been a strange and difficult time for everyone,” Balu Chainrai states. “Therefore, we want to be able to finish our luxury projects to help people safely move into the heart of Limassol as soon as possible.”

We are taking lockdown measures extremely seriously. It’s paramount that we continue to keep the people of Limassol, and our team, as safe as possible while we complete our projects.”

HKCY is a commercial and residential property developer, specialising in luxury high-rise properties. Trading since 2017, the company focuses on designing professional, cutting-edge apartments for people living and working in Limassol.

HKCY benefits from firm investment backing and fosters a strong focus on building lasting client relationships. The brand is keen to welcome new residents from across the continent and beyond; offering an array of holiday home opportunities.

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