Investing in Cyprus has become a very attractive proposition in recent years. There are many reasons why you should invest in Cyprus, not just the highly rewarding government-backed Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme”.

The third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus boasts a warm climate and beautiful coastline, making it popular with visitors and holidaymakers from around the world. Cyprus is also a dynamic and forward-looking country, both in terms of business culture and property development. There are several convincing arguments for investing in Cyprus. Let’s examine some of the main reasons why Cyprus can provide a good return on investment for overseas investors


If you’re considering investing in Cyprus, then the city and region of Limassol is a great place to start. Located near the southern tip of the island, Limassol has a lively city centre that is a popular tourist destination due to the historical medieval castle, ancient Greek ruins and remains, as well as the attractive marina and harbour. Limassol also has a thriving industrial sector, due to its port and harbour.

Due to its economic success, Limassol has become a popular place to live and work, as well as providing a good investment opportunity, especially in the growing property development market. Let’s explore some of the advantages of investing and living in Limassol.


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